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Severed Feet make great Display Pieces.:
Severed Feet make great Display Pieces.

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by Geekarina

College exams and so on are over for the summer, which means i'm back to wasting my time making crappy comics no-one finds funny! oh yeah! Also, the new ComicFury layout is awesome, as are the new webcomic page themes. I've already nabbed and ruined customised one for my own nefarious comicking purposes :3

Why Hello There
by Geekarina
Lately, i've been busy with college work and whatnot (including being in London) and I had a pretty severe case of Artist's Block, but I think i'm back to updating now. I'm not going to stick my self on a rigid schedule, just make them when I can. Talking of coming back off Hiatus there are two new comics up; check them out!
by Geekarina
I managed to completely screw up the old layout, so I quickly shoved this one together with pritt-stick and safety scissors. It'll do for now.
I'm Back!
by Geekarina
...But I don't know how long for. I'd say my style's improved since my last postings.
Moar Comics AGAIN?
by Geekarina
Again, some more comics including an awful story arc, which I'll actually take my time to upload so updates aren't too sparse. They were all on my flickr account, and for some reason certain images just weren't showing up when I was using Firefox so I overlooked 'em